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Meet Zero to Passion: The complete guide to figuring out what you want to do when you grow up (*cough* even if you already have!). 

For anyone stuck, drained, bored, frustrated, and BEYOND READY for something more, this simple DIY program is for you. The best part? You can start right now.
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Good news! To find your passion you only
need three things: 
1. An understanding of Yourself.
If you don't know what you like (or don't like!), and it's been years since you've sat down and said: "Self, who are you and what do you like...seriously?" Then no WONDER you are struggling.  Passion starts with knowing who you are, what you like, hate, and absolutely need in a job in order to be happy.  Once you know that, then it's SO MUCH easier to figure out what you want to do from 9-5.  Otherwise you are just throwing spaghetti against a wall...hoping something sticks.

Frankly, you are better than just being a plate of linguini.
2. A solid plan of action.
Ever been 100% confused about what to do next? Have you wished that someone would wave a magic wand and just tell you what you should be doing already? Yep. You aren't alone.  Having a clear plan to 1) figure out this whole passion thing and 2) actually make it all happen is crucial. Without it, it's almost impossible to get off the couch.
3. Confidence to make it all happen.
Sure you can tell yourself you know EXACTLY what you *should* be doing, but then a little voice inside your head says: "That's crazy! Why would you do that?" or "You can't figure that out/make that happen/get hired there." And so you stay stuck.

Imagine what would be different if you actually had the confidence in yourself to make a great career decision, and the moxie to follow through on some of your dreams.  It would feel pretty great, no? 
Zero to Passion Gives You All Three.
We walk you through a simple 3-part system:
It's the coaching system I've used successfully with over 1,578 clients.  We show you how to get over your fears, understand yourself and identify your passion, figure out what’s right for YOU in terms of a new job, and then start to make it happen using a simple system that is easy to follow (yay!).
A job full of meaningful, empowering, challenging, and interesting work is on its way!
What we cover:
First we are going to change how you view yourself, your work, and what you can accomplish. Not doing this step is why most people fail.

Next up, we'll show you how to find your passion, one step at a time. We'll take the stress out of figuring all of this out!

Finally, you don't want to change jobs or careers until you are sure of your direction. I'll show you how to figure that out and nail the job search...using my patented post-it system :).
Here are all the down and dirty details:
Part 1: Confidence + You
1. Why you keep getting stuck when you think about what to do next (and how to get past it).

2. How to find new work opportunities (that are often right in front of you).

3. How to overcome the "What if I fail?" syndrome that plagues EVERYONE.

4. A step-by-step guide to making smart decisions based on fact, not fear. 
Part 2: How to Find Your Passion (the simple way)
1. How to identify what you are really great at (hint: it's not your strengths) and uncover your most important transferrable skills.

2. The 7 most important questions to help you find your passion so that you actually FIND your passion.

3. A big mistake almost everyone makes (but you can avoid).  This one stops you in your tracks.

4. How to turn your passion into a job + 3 jobs that will work for you. Knowing what to do next = amazing!
Part 3: Get Into Action
1. The #1 most important thing you need to do to find your dream job. Seriously.

2. The two types of people you need in your network + how to find them. This will help you make progress QUICKLY. 

3. How to stay motivated throughout this process so you don't stay stuck.

4. A no-fail way of staying organized and on top of your execution plan. This system is so simple, your grandma can do it :).  
What makes this program different:
-It's not overwhelming. We take a really big hard thing (finding your passion) and make it simple for you to do.

-It's entertaining and easy to follow (ever been bored by career stuff before? Yeah. This will keep you interested!).

-It's focused on action. Buying a program is nice. But pointless if you don't do the work! Zero to Passion is all about doing the work.
Worried or Anxious?
Wondering if this will work for you, if you have the time to do it, or if passion is really a thing? 
Don't worry about time: 
When I was consulting, all I wanted was for someone to wave a magic wand and tell me what to do so I'd finally wake up NOT feeling miserable.  I didn't want to take forever to figure it out, I just wanted a clear plan now.

Zero to Passion IS that plan. Read the book and watch the videos and spend 20 minutes a day on the program and you'll make progress.  You've got 20 minutes a day, right? 

You can do the program on your own time, whenever you want, and come back again and again.
A Passion IS out there for you. Here's why: 
So you've got some doubts and fears - frankly, who doesn't? Anything to do with careers is considered part of life's most stressful situations (right behind death and divorce). Why? Because it impacts your survival. So it's not surprising that many people stay stuck because they are worried that they don't have a passion, or they have TOO MANY passions and they will never figure it out. Staying stuck keeps you safe from failure.

Sound like you?

Don't worry, that's why we start the program where we do with your doubts and fears, which is what makes this program unique. If we overcome your anxieties and get you to take action, the world becomes your oyster.  Wouldn't it feel great to stop second guessing yourself (or constantly worry about failure?).  
Passion is NOT only for the rich.
I get it. You've got loans, a mortgage, and a ton of other stuff to spend your money on besides personal development or some sort of airy-fairy program.  Frankly, sometimes you wish someone would just hand you a crateful of cash so you can dance around in a tiara and be doing this passion thing already.

You are exactly who I had in mind when I wrote this book and developed the program. I don't believe passion is only for the rich or well-heeled. I think that anyone who's willing to put in some work and roll up their sleeves is going to make progress. You've just got to be willing to try.
About the author...
Christie Mims is the founder and CEO of the Revolutionary Club, a Forbes Top 100 website for your career.  Named one of the top 29 career experts of 2016, she's here to help YOU find work you love. Why? Because frankly, you deserve it. A certified coach and recovering consultant with a background working for Fortune 500 companies, Christie has been there, done that, and worn those uncomfortable shoes. She's spoken to the US Army, Women for Hire, EMC, the University of Virginia and American University just to name a few, and her work has been featured all over the interwebs.  Zero to Passion is her way of helping you get ready for career greatness (i.e. meaningful, vibrant, fulfilling work).  Don't worry, you've got this! 
A detailed look at the results of the program...
 “I wanted to give you an update on my job situation and how I believe that following your Zero to Passion worksheets (not to mention all your emails, blogs, and other resources you provide), helped lead me here...

After one particularly bad day in July, I knew the time had come to make a change. I did two things: First, I put my intention out in the world. I texted and emailed some trusted friends with an SOS that I HAD to find something else and needed their help.

Secondly, I came home and started filling out the Zero to Passion worksheets again. I knew I had to get serious about my job change.

Here are some of the things I wrote down:
 Work values:
- Space and light
- Flexible schedule/freedom
- Time to travel
- Salary that enables my travel passion

 One year from now:
Who are you with: A global company
What are you doing? Working with executive leadership to guide them to success
What’s on your desk? Very little
Where are you living? Texas or France
Money: Total current compensation
Here are the details of my new job:
-20 minute commute max
-Travel-related industry
-Huge, global company
-I will run a big program, reporting to senior executives
-There is a clean desk policy I will make more money than I do now
-I can dictate my time off, and they know travel is important to me
-The office is open and light, with floor to ceiling windows everywhere

From the day I sent the SOS to my friends until the first phone call with a recruiter: 17 days.

From that call till today: 35 days.

Less than 2 months from stating my intent and framing up my wants/needs with the worksheet, I am about to start the job I wanted!” -Lisa
"The secret to getting ahead is getting started." - Unknown

It's time to get started.
Choose the program that's right for you!
However you learn, we've got you covered...
The Whole Shebang
(Video + Guided Emails + PDF Book and Workbook)

  • 2 week guided video course designed to help you find your passion
  • 10 simple and fun videos
  • Tailored Worksheets
  • PDF of the book + lifetime access to the program
The Book + Workbook

  • Soft copy of the book, my entire system to help you find your passion
  • Beautifully designed printable worksheets to help you make immediate progress.
The Book

  • PDF soft copy of the book: my entire system to help you find your passion, written out so you can access it again and again
I'm in!  
I'm in!  
I'm in!  
I went from lost to energized. THANK YOU!!
-Amy T.
I hated my job, and this program helped me find a new path. (Finally).
-Sherry L.
This program is worth it, if you do the work. I landed a brand new career!
-James S.
Got questions? 
1. Can I access The Whole Shebang from anywhere?
-Yep! Anywhere there is a computer or device + the internet, and you can come back as much as you'd like!

2. Which package should I buy?
-That depends on you and your budget. We recommend the Whole Shebang as the best value, because it has the most support and we cover every learning style.

3. What if doesn't work for me?
-Just ask for a refund within 30 days. If we aren't helping you, then we don't want your money.

4. Can I ask you questions and does this cover resumes etc?
-If you want hands-on help then consider signing up the Career Happiness Revolution where EVERYTHING from passion to resumes to business is covered, plus you work with me directly!

More questions? Email admin (at) We are an open book (pun intended :)).